The rest of Aug and Sept 2013

-Benson's First Day of Preschool-

Benson started the 3's program at the Eola Community Center on Sept 3. We went for his first day to meet the teachers. He has two teachers this year, Mrs. Renee and Mrs. Sharon. He was very nervous to talk to them and I barely got a picture with them. His best friend Cailyn is in his class this year. He is so excited to see her and his other friend Stella at school. I am interested to see how Benson does this year. He doesn't sit well for me and doesn't really have an interest in projects.  

-Allyson came to visit-

So happy to have Allyson come and visit and for her to meet Finn for the first time! We had a great time having her here. I got in a little shopping and craft time with her which is always my favorite. It was nice to have a little extra help while I was getting my kids off to school. We made our annual trip to the Last Fling, which my kids look forward to each year. They loved all the rides and the yummy food. This is one of my kids favorite traditions we do every year. We love downtown Naperville!

-Herrick Lake-

We took the kids to Herrick Lake and let them ride in the kayak for the first time. They both were very excited and couldn't wait to get out on the water. As soon as Christian got the kayak in the water we found out that they didn't allow personal ones in the lake. So we had to go and rent a canoe instead. 

Addy was not thrilled about the canoe at all. She was so scared and I could here her screaming and crying across the lake. Sitting in the back made her really nervous and every time the canoe would tip she would scream. I convinced her to try again and to sit in the middle. She loved it and went out a few more times! Benson had a great time in the canoe but loved throwing rocks in the water the very best. We packed a picnic lunch and the kids had just as much fun pretending to row the kayak on the grass. Addy begged to hold Finn in the kayak. Such a sweet sister!

-Finn 1 Month Old-

My sweet boy is 1 month old. He continues to be such an easy going sweet natured baby. He is sleeping so well for me at night, around 7-8 hours, and naps off and on most of the day. His stats at his Dr. check up: 10 lbs 14 oz 75%, 22 in long 70%, and his head is 15 in 75%. He is a healthy and growing baby. I am loving every minute I have with him. My transition as been so much easier than I ever thought thanks to this little cutie.

 -First time riding the bus-

Addy rode the bus for the first time. She was so excited and felt very grown up, which made it easier on me to let her go. I wasn't all about the bus at the beginning. After I drove every morning and waited at the school every day at pick up with the boys in tow, I knew there had to be an easier way. Having Abbi at our house every morning before school to help Addy on the bus and to her classroom made it all the easier. The bus stop is at the end of our driveway and I can stand on the porch to see her off.  All kindergartners have to sit at the from of the bus and can only be let off after school if their parents are at the stop.  It really has made my life easier while adjusting to 3 kids!

-Steck Fun Run-

Our family participated in Addy's school fundraiser this year. I didn't think I was going to be able to run it with her, but I surprised myself and did. We chose to run the mile and she did such a great job. She ran the entire time and only stopped when I gave her a drink of water. She was so proud of herself and I loved seeing her accomplish something that she had been really wanting to do. Benson did pretty good and took off running really fast in the beginning, rode with Finn in the stroller for a little bit in the middle, and then ran at the end to cross the finish line with his sister. 

-Andrea came to visit-

We had a great visit while Andrea was here. We got in some serious shopping and made a few trips to downtown Naperville. We ate lots of yummy food and spent the day at Blackberry Farm. Definitely one of my kids favorite places to go. They got to ride the paddle boats for the first time. Chris and Andrea really had to paddle hard and Benson and Addy had a blast on the back of the boat. Love seeing these two cuties so happy! The weather the entire trip was gorgeous. It really has been a beautiful start to Fall.

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