April 2013- Christian's B-day & Myrtle Beach

Christian turned 36 this year! We had a fun night with just our family. He picked a new mexican restaurant for dinner which turned out to be delicious. We came home right after to open gifts. Addy was very excited about this part. She made him a really sweet card and wanted to give him her money she had been saving. She wanted him to have all of it but I talked her in to just giving him the five dollar bill. Benson and Addy picked him out some new golf shirts and some beach clothes for our trip the following week. I was really excited to give him my gift this year too. Christian had been hinting to me and asking me for his own quilt. I have never taken the time to make us or him anything. I just kept telling him I didn't have time with my work schedule and young women's to sew a big project. I pulled it off and secretly got him a quilt made. He was so surprised and absolutely loved it!  His reaction made all the hard work worth it! After presents we went and got frozen yogurt for dessert. The kids loved it! Benson was pretty concerned though that daddy didn't get to blow out a candle. Happy Birthday babe!

The following week we spent four days in Myrtle Beach. Christian had been wanting to go somewhere for awhile and randomly found some good deals. It was the most relaxing vacation we have had in a long time. No schedule at all! We just got to venture around and check things out and play at the beach every day.

On the first day we went to the store and got the kids a bunch of beach toys and spent most of the day playing at the beach. The kids did not want to leave! They had so much fun running through the water, digging in the sand, and collecting seashells. 

On day two we spent the morning at Broadway at the beach. They had cute little shops, rides for the kids, and some yummy restaurants. The kids of course loved all the rides!

We spent the rest of the day playing at the beach. We found a more private entrance and were the only ones there for the day. Addy caught some really small fish and saved them in her bucket. Every afternoon when we left the beach we would take the kids for a long ride. They would fall asleep within minutes and Christian and I would look up places we wanted to check out. This afternoon we drove to North Carolina to a cute little fishing community. It was so fun to look at all the real estate. Chris definitely is sold on buying a house by the ocean.

That night we ate dinner at a restaurant on one of the piers in Myrtle Beach. We had the best table right against the window. The view was so beautiful. Christian ordered a seafood dish and I had steak and grilled shrimp. It was so delicious! After dinner we walked the pier and the kids played out there until after sunset. The wind was blowing like crazy but we still had a great evening.

On the third day we went miniature golfing. It was by far the hottest day of the whole trip. Benson and Addy loved playing golf with their dad. Benson randomly got a hole in one! He didn't like to play by the rules and would set his ball down anywhere and would hit it as hard as he could. He looked more like he was playing hockey! Addy tried so hard and did such a great job. She almost had a hole in one. She made a lot of the courses in 2 or 3 shots. Not bad for her first time!

After golf we went to a restaurant on the water that was a fresh fish market/restaurant combined. It had beautiful scenery of the ocean and we watched the boats coming in and out the whole meal. Christian had fish tacos that were by far his favorite of the trip. Afterwards we went to an outdoor mall and walked around the shops. We headed straight for the beach for the rest of the day. We played at a park that was on the beach before we went down to the water. The kids loved it! They never made it into their swim suits but didn't even care. We found some kind of jellyfish that washed up while we were playing. The kids thought it was awesome. Benson really wanted to keep it in his fishing net but I wouldn't let him. 

Our last night there we took the kids on a long drive for their nap. We ended up going to Georgetown Historic District. It's an old Jewish fishing community. We ate dinner at Portofinos on the Warf. It was a very fancy Italian restaurant. We were very hungry so we didn't care that we were under dressed. Dinner was by candlelight and the kids did really well. They loved the bread and oil and caesar salads. The kids and I had bruschetta linguine and Christian had clams and linguine. 

We were sad to leave Myrtle Beach the next morning. It was such an awesome vacation and we definitely want to go back.


Rick and Kori said...

You are making me SO jealous! What an awesome trip!! The beach is gorgeous and all the food sounds amazing and how is it that everyone's clothes always look so dang good together!? I LOVE the last pictures of them at the beach. SO gorgeous!

Heather said...

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